Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Wizards and Cavs Defense

Apparently, not that good.

All the talk is going to be how James drove to the hole on his last shot, and how the Wizards let him.

But to me, the bigger story is how other Cavs players got to the rim. Flip Murray scored a lot when James went out in the 3rd quarter due to fouls (10 points). Larry Hughes got to the rim a lot (and hit closer jumpers) all night long. And during the overtime, Eric Snow practically took over the game, he got to the rim 3 straight times to start off the OT.

This is what I've been saying the entire time. Be agressive. There is no reason why the Cavs should be forced to take jumpshots vs this team. Sure James has gotten a lot of charges called, but last night proved that other, slower, players can get to the hole too.

The Wizards defense sucks ass.

Not that the Cavs are way up there. I've never seen more dumb fouls committed by a playoff team in my life. Arenas drive the lane and one Drew Gooden will rotate over and foul. And not a hard foul that stops the 3 point play. No, why do that. But a cheap ass "going for the block but I'm out of position" foul. I've played enough organized basketball to know when I'm going to foul. As in a guy gets to the lane and I go to challenge the shot, I know if I have a chance to block the shot or if I'm going to contest and foul. And if I foul, that balls isn't going anywhere near that rim. The Cavs haven't really gotten this through their heads.

The Cavs have a lot of these dumb fouls. A lot of time they rotate late and their out of position but they still try to take the charge. They get (rightfully) charged with the block and since their trying for a foul and not for defense, the Wizards player can just lay the ball up for a 3 point play.

Also, I'm still waiting for someone to smack Arenas like Haywood smacked James. Anyone?

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