Sunday, May 07, 2006


I'm not really surprised by the Pistons win today. Nor am I surprised by the amount that they won by.

The Cavs had just finished up an emotional series with the Wizards, where they won 3 games by 1 point and the last two in overtime. They were coming to Detroit, where the Pistons had been waiting after kicking the crap out of the Bucks.

The Cavs started off nice, even had an early lead. But Detroit got hot and I start flippin channels (hey, Law and Order was on). I'm not overly worried about this series for one reason: No one (including me) excpects the Cavs to beat Detroit.

I've gone as far as saying that Cavs could get the series to 7 games if they play perfect (like the Lakers did in their wins vs Phoenix- execute perfectly), but I see no way they could win game 7 in Detroit.

Despite the terrible loss today, there was signs of hope. The Cavs got to the hoop early and got some decent shots off. They were feeding Z, who had some nice shots and some not as nice. The Cavs got a decent amount of offensive rebounds, however, they gave up their fair share as well.

The Pistons biggest advantage in my opinion is their bench. Their bench is full of veterns (playoff and otherwise), while the Cavs have some guys without a lot of meaningful experience anywhere.

Also, I doubt the Pistons will start off 11-12 (it may have gotten higher, but again, I tuned out) from three point range. That alone killed the Cavs. I mean, Lindsey Hunter was shooting 30 foot bombs in the second quarter. While impressive, improbable to happen again.

Finally, my biggest peeve is the scheduling of this series. The Cavs last played Friday night and now they are turning around and playing on Sunday? That sucks. The NBA couldn't have waited til Monday? Game 2 is Tuesday, so every other day... but game three isn't Thursday or Friday (throw a day in for travel)... its Saturday. God damn it! The Cavs could've gotten a day off today, played Monday and Wednesday and still played Saturday. But hey, I'm glad we all got to see a tired Cavaliers team on Sunday afternoon. NBA its faaaaaaaantastic.

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