Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cavs lose

It wasn't a great game, but the Cavs held tough tonight.

Sure they were down early and LeBron didn't really do much in the first half, but I think the Cavs got some confidence going home for Saturdays (god damn it NBA... 3 days!?) game.

Some random thoughts for the game:

LeBron should be aggressive all game, not just the second half. LeBron got to the rim a lot after halftime. Was it because the Pistons became lax? I dunno. But he found his rhythm in the second half of the game and the Cavs made a run.

The Pistons are good. La di da.

Hey, Ben Wallace can't shoot. The Cavs are starting to apply the 'Eric Snow defense' to Ben Wallace (good call by my bro). They're doubling with Wallace's man and making the Pistons work harder for shots. The Pistons are one of the best offensive teams in the league, but having the shot clock on the mind doesn't hurt. The problem was, the Cavs left Wallace open for dunks. Not just open, wide-the-fuck open.

Why not leave Varejao and Marshall in? In the fourth quarter the Cavaliers made a run to get the lead down to 10 and 8 points, and they made most of this run with Anderson Varejao and Donyell Marshall in the game. After they got the lead close, Mike Brown subbed in Drew Gooden and Larry Hughes. Brown isn't the only coach who does this, but I'll never understand it. The starters are in and the team gets down big. Then the bench guys come in, play great D and make a run. So once the game is close again, in come the starters. I don't understand. We seem to have Varejao and Marshall on the floor a lot during the end of games. Why Drew Gooden and Larry Hughes came back in I have no idea. Gooden does look good in spots, but how many times does he finish games? The guys over at Mistake by the Lake are big Gooden guys, but I've watched a lot of Cavs games and I am not pleased.

The Closer. You're ideas intrigue me, I wish to subscribe to your new letter. Or see more ads. Either or.

Learning Experience. Blah blah blah. King James will get his first taste of failure. Blah blah. He's soooo like Jordan.... blah. Team game vs Superstar... I'm gonna puke.

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