Monday, May 01, 2006

More Colbert

I'm sure some my readers (all four of you) are sick me talking about Colbert, but I'm gonna keep doing it.

So far the media has basically ignored that Colbert even spoke at the dinner, and if you've seen it (its on youtube now) you realize he was the main story. He may have bombed (he did insult his entire audience, the president and the press) in the classic sense, but he material was dead on.

I think what struck me the most was that Colbert knew this was his one shot. His one shot to tell the President what he thought, to his face. He knew he wasn't going to make friends at that dinner and he woudn't get many laughes, but he had his chance to let the President know what he thought, and he let it rip.

It would've been easy to do a safe bit, joked around with the press and the Prez, but no, he took it to 'em.

The press has basically ignored his speech, which is kinda difficult. You had to of either loved it or hated it. There's no way you didn't notice it. Oh well.

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