Friday, May 12, 2006

Is Roger Brown Making Things Up?

Or am I just out of the loop?

Brown has a column today, advising LeBron James not to reject the Cavs contract offer this summer (only the Cavs can offer an extension this summer, James would be a restricted free agent the summer after, meaning the Cavs could and would match any offer from another team, finally it won't be til the next summer til he'd be an unrestricted free agent).

I wasn't aware James was considering rejecting the Cavaliers up coming max offer. Did I miss something? I'd figure if James was thinking about rejecting the deal, ESPN would be running "James to the Knicks" stories 24-7.

Or is Brown just trying to stir up some shit?

I hate Roger Brown, his columns either A) rip on Cleveland players (Z most notably) and B) tell the readers other people's opinions on Cleveland teams aka "the Sporting News gave the Browns draft a B+" which is great Roger, that's why I read the Sporting News. What are you opinions on the draft, besides every Browns player sucking ass or being overrated.

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Hornless Rhino said...

Never forget Hal Lebovitz's comment about Roger Brown: "I can't compete with fiction."

Deadspin skewered him on 12/20/05. Here's the url: