Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Suns win and other Random Thoughts

Not really a good or close game tonight in Phoenix (though I can't really say I saw a lot of it).

Even though game four was a blowout, it bodes well for the series. It looks like Miami will finish off Detroit rather soon and I would really like to see a game 7 in the conference finals. I've said all along that the Suns-Mavs are going three, it would really be something for Phoenix to play seven games in all three series and even more impressive if they won all three. (That being said, I'm picking Dallas, I believe it's their year).

Because of the Suns blowout win, I got to watch a lot of the Indians game and Rescue Me.

Indians thoughts:

CC is awesome. Thats it.

I love fat pitchers. Wickman and CC rocked. Plus even the Tribe's non-fat pitchers did well. Whoo hoo!

Peralta is coming around. A homerun tonight; good sign for the Tribe and my fantasy team (The Sosa-Palmeiro All-Stars).

All this Jim Thome nonsense. ESPN was all over this "Tribe fans booing Thome" non-story. Whats the deal? First of all, what's the big deal, Thome left for more money and Indian's fans are booing? Holy shit that is crazy?!?! This is a story?

More Jim Thome nonsense. To you dumb Tribe fans out there: Lay off. Thome left for more money, and I don't blame him. I've discussed this here.

Scott Sauerbeck? What the hell?

Are the Tigers that good? Indians that bad? The guys over at Mistake By the Lake Sports use all kind of crazy numbers to show that the Tigers and White Sox are playing above their heads right now. I find all the sabermetric stuff interesting, but I sometimes have A) a hard time following it and B) a hard time believing all of it. To be fair, I trust this stuff a lot more in baseball than I do football and basketball (I've seen arguments that say Drew Gooden is better than Rasheed Wallace... use all the math you want, the bottom line is Gooden's inconsistency drives me bat shit insane).

Rescue Me thoughts:

Season premiere was tonight and it was awesome. It was hilarious tonight, funny as hell. Do I care that I keep harping on how sweet this show is? No. Am I going to keep telling everyone that I know to watch it? Yes. Should you be watching it? Yes. Am I going to stop this? Maybe. Really? Probably not.

It is the best show on TV. Watch it.

Seriously. It is good.

Really damn good. I've never seen a show that weaves humor (sometimes very dark humor) and drama so well. Plus the acting is amazing - Jon Stewart to Dennis Leary: "This show is so good, I have a hard time believing you're in it". In the same hour it can be gut busting and gut wrenching; I know I sound like a crazed fan, I don't care.


This photo has been making the rounds on the internet(s) today and I am kinda torn. Sure Larry Hughes is wearing a "I Heart Strippers" shirt. And normally that's hilarious. But almost every blog I've seen has some kind of mention about the grieving process and his brother. Like it's bad that Hughes is out and about or not grieving correctly. I dunno, it just kinda rubs me the wrong way. I've never been a big strip club guy, but if thats what you like, thats what you like. Not saying people are trying to be mean or make fun, (lets face it, that shirt rules), but I mean, Hughes did sit out a lot of the Pistons series, so it isn't like his brother passed and was getting lap dances the next day. I dunno, at this point I am rambling.

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