Sunday, May 21, 2006

Game 7

Don't really have a whole lot to say, but I'll make this quick:

Dear ABC: What the fuck was that camera angle? I am trying to watch a basketball game. Please show a normal view.

Also: This loss wasn't that bad. This wasn't Mesa 97 or Red Right 88. The Cavs were supposed to lose this game. And they did. They were the underdogs, they didn't choke. Sure it sucks, but come on, this isn't The Shot.

As for the Cavs. LeBron almost pulled a Kobe Game 7 in the second half last night. Hello, the 3rd quarter was not the time to start setting up Drew Gooden.

Imagine the possibilites.... If LeBron can take this team this far, imagine what he could do with a point guard with shooting skills..... Or a power forward that has a nasty streak.... Or a shooting guard who can shoot....

Finally, I'm stealing this from The Cavalier at YaySports! and there's nothin you can do to stop me:

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