Thursday, May 04, 2006

This is probably the most biased column I've ever read

Congrats Tom Knott of the Washington times, for a job truely well done. The title of the article alone make me want to stab my eyes out.

Knott calls the Cavs the Cleveland Crybabies, and James King Crybaby. Cause I guess James whines for fouls. Maybe Knott has no short term memory, I dunno, but I know I can remember farther back than last night, to the days after game 3, when Wizards coach Eddie Jordan bitched to the media about LeBron getting the calls.

Look, I know the Cavs have bitched to the refs this series too, but to write a whole column about Cleveland whining, where your own coached whined in public. Also, game for was one of the biggest bullshit games I've ever seen. First of all, this was the game where James got 4 offensive fouls and shot only 7 free throws (compared to Arenas' 17). James shot as many free throws as Jared Jefferies. Really? You mean to tell me James was fouled just as many times as Jefferies? Right.

Everytime a Wizards player was called for a foul the entire arena erupted as if the refs had stabbed someone. Everyone was bitching that game, mostly due to Eddie Jordans coments the day before.

And last night wasn't exactly a Cavs free for all. There are a few plays that stuck out in my mind. First one: Arenas drive the lane, Z is near by and doesn't touch him, Arenas makes a layup. Foul called. I don't know why. Second one: James drive the lane, Arenas is guarding him. Arenas falls down ( while hes moving and no where near set!) and James gets whistled for a charge. This sets up play 3: End of the first half, James charges into Jared Jefferies, block called on Jefferies. This should've been a charge, however, since they just gave James a bullshit charge a second beforehand, they couldn't call a real one here. Final play that sticks in my craw: Arenas drive past Larry Hughes or Flip Murry, LeBron James gets in front of Arenas, completely still, outside the charge circle and there with plenty of time. What happens? Block on James.

Were the refs awful last night (and the whole series)? Yes. Have they been overly worse to one team than the other? Not really, and if I had to choose I'd choose a bit towards Washington. But I will say this, both Arenas and James are getting calls. It's not like James gets all the calls. I mean, he did have to sit outa lot of the third quarter due to foul trouble yesterday.

So Tom Knott, you're a bitch and a hypocrite. Good day.

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