Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cavs Stuff

Some random thoughts on last nights game and Roger Brown:

LeBron is good. That is all.

The Cavs got some breaks. It isn't like they got 'the calls' or anything, but the ball did bounce their way tonight. Usually I would point out an example of this, but the game isn't fresh enough in my mind.

Nothing has happened yet. Yea, it's nice for the Cavs to win a game, but if they lose tomorrow it might as well be over. Going back to Detroit down 3-1? Yikes.

Anderson Varejao hustles a bit. I loved how he kept setting picks. Anderson would try and set a pick for LeBron, but it wouldn't work. So he'd go run around, then come back and set a pick for LeBron. LeBron wouldn't take it, so he'd run around some. Finally, he tries a 3rd pick, LeBron takes it, Varejao rolls and LeBron gets him a dunk. Not only was this comical to watch. this floppy haired guy running around setting picks mindlessly, it actually worked. I've said this before and I'll say it again, if Drew Gooden gave Varejao's effort, he'd be an all-star.

Roger Brown: He hates Z, he wants to trade Marshall and Jones and re-sign Flip Murray. I hate Roger Brown (to be fair, he wants to get rid of Gooden; I'm down with that).

Lets take a lookat his ideas: Again, lay off Z, he had a decent game 3 (some easy dunks and he did alright in the 3rd, a nice little turn around) but he still needs to do more. If the Cavs didn't sign Z, the only scoring option would be... LeBron. All season long. Plus no center. Or a shitty one like Jerome James. That'd be sweet.

Marshall. He hustles, which can't be said for everyone on this team. Does he fall in love with the corner 3? Yea. But he's been getting big offensive rebounds all postseason. When he plays his entire game he is really effective.

Jones. I'm kinda torn on Jones. I like him, he spreads the floor for James and Z, plus he adds some swagger to the team. Also, if the Cavs get rid of Marshall and Jones, who shoots the 3? What stops teams just jamming the lane for LeBron and daring his teammates to shoot? Snow and Hughes? I'm not comforatble with that. Ira Newble? Please God no... what about... At the same time, he was really annoying when he was showboating while not making 3s or playing defense earlier in the season, that had to end.

Flippy Murray. I like Murray a lot, he's played really for the Cavs, but I am scared off by him. He's in a contract push right now, so who knows how he'll react once he gets paid. And how much can the Cavs afford to pay him? They just gave Larry Hughes a huge deal, Damon Jones got a nice chunk, Eric Snow is overpaid, for some reason they still employ Ira Newble and, oh yea, that James guy is gonna get a new contract sooner or later. Flip Murray could command a pretty big contact this offseason, the last thing the Cavs can afford right now to throw big bucks at a player who is neither A) a legitmate pass first/defending/3 shooting point guard or B) a brusing rebounding power forward.

Tomorrow night is gonna be tough. I could either watch Cavs vs Pistons game 4 OR President Bush. Hmm....

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