Monday, May 15, 2006

Random Thoughts

The last West Wing was tonight. It was good, if uneventful. It just kind of went about their last day in office. Nothing really happened, no Toby, no Vinick (well, very very very very brief). Was it a nice finale? Ya, not a Six Feet Under, but not a Seinfeld either.

Al Gore had a sweet appearence on SNL last night. Just amazing.

Bush wants to militarize the American-Mexican border. Growing up in Hudson, with Roseann Canfora as my teacher for 3 years, and with my sister attending Kent State, I've heard a bit about the National Guard/May 4th stuff. I'm sure sending the National Guard to the border will really calm things down.

The Indians suck. First the Royals... now the Tigers. Come on fellas.

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