Wednesday, May 10, 2006

West Wing

The series finale is next Sunday and it was supposed to be accompianied by a 1 hour retrospective. But NBC, for whatever reason, nixed that deal and we get to see the pilot instead.

West Wing has been one of the best shows on TV for some time now. Even a 'bad' West Wing episode is still better than most other TV shows out there.

I've enjoyed the show for a long time, and while this season is a bit different (most character stuff, less policy wonk stuff) it is still a good hour of TV.

Would I have liked to see Alan Alda as president? Yes. Seen more of Jimmy Smits as president? Yes. But this does seem like a fitting way for the show to end its run.

On the flip side, Aaron Sorkin (the creator of West Wing) has a new show (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) coming out which may be taking E.R.'s Thursday slot.

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