Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cavs Stuff

So the Cavs are redoing their entertainment presentation for the home games. They have a new announcer, former channel 19 sports caster Ronnie Duncan. I don't mind the Duncan too much, but I hear they have a new, blonde 'in game host' which the PD described as 'boisterous' (big boobed).

The same crap happend a few years ago, when the Cavs first got LeBron. Suddenly the cheerleaders got hotter and the dance routines got more prevocative. They suddenly got a new, annoying, mascot named Moondog, which doesn't exactly make sense for team called the Cavaliers.

While at a game in LeBron's rookie season, I took a survey on how I much importance I gave certain elements of the Gund Arena experience. They also called me a few days later, to see how I enjoyed that particular game. I told them how I go to a few games every year, how much I hate Moondog, how I don't really care about the Cavaliers Girls, or their hip hop break dance team... It's a basketball game, promote the basketball, don't distract from it.

But Gilbert just redid the arena; he put up a new jumbotron, he changed the seat colors and he just redid the entire locker room. So if he wants to upgrade stuff, go right ahead. My problem is that the higher ups seem to think that this stuff is important. You know, the cheerleaders, the mascot, crazy nicknames from the in game announcers.


If the Cavs are a good team (and they should be) no one is going to care about the 'game entertainment.' You ever hear about the 90s Bulls cheerleaders? Or their mascot or dance teams? Or how bout the old Celtics? Anyone?

Focus a lot of stuff on basketball. Show clips from Hoosiers, have Cavs trivia, show historic Cavs plays. Have a ton of stats on the scoreboard, just keep the basketball fans happy. And if the team wins? They will be.

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