Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Frye Stories

Both the PD and the ABJ have columnists calling for Charlie Frye.

In the ABJ, Tom Reeds mentions how Browns fans remember Tim Couch getting killed, but he points towards Eli Manning and Byron Leftwich as the other way it could turn out. I see his point, same thing with Peyton Manning. (In the PD, Roger Browns talks about Frye starting, this is after I think he makes up a 'Mike Piazza to the Indians' rumor and debunks it).

But lets look at David Carr of the Texans. Hows that going? Or how about Carson Palmer, who didn't play and just sat and learned? That seemed to work out. And that Tom Brady character, he seemed to back up for awhile.

So both sides have an argument. Some guys have done well after getting beat up, some guys do well by waiting and learning. I think, since the Browns have an okay running game and okay recievers, I'd rather have Frye sit and wait.

Plus, if you put Frye in now, it tells everyone that this year is over (okay, it was never really an issue, but still).

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