Friday, October 07, 2005

Weekend Shit

If theres no updates this weekend, its because I going to PA this weekend to go to the Penn State vs Ohio State game. It's a night game, in Happy Valley. Off a bye week. AKA the time Tressel teams shine.... However, some people are picking OSU (though he mentions the nailbiter in 03, he fails to mention the loss Penn State recieved in 04).

Also, Sepe and I will be staying with my friend Valerie from high school.

This was also the same New Years eve this picture was taken.
Needless to say, no one remembers much of that night.

Anyway, I will be gone all weekend embarrassing a good friend and pissing off a bunch of Penn State fans (aka getting my ass kicked). Apparently Sepe and I have been hyped up, so lets hope we can live up to it.

Come Monday there should be some sweet stories. Peace


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