Thursday, October 06, 2005

Smell that?

Ah, the start of the NBA season. We're starting to get all the training camp stories.

Like the new guy story. Or the changing role story.

As for the new guy, I have high expectations for Hughes, and I don't see any reasons why he won't meet them. Hughes can play D (something NONE of the Cavs did last year), can pass, can rebound and I've been convinced of his shooting.
Hughes’ 3-point shooting is the biggest misconception about his game to date. In 2003-04, Hughes was 34 percent from downtown and made 79 three’s in 61 games. He was shooting above 35 percent this year before breaking his right thumb (shooting hand) in January. That 35 percent should sound familiar. It’s the same percentage as Redd himself. Yet Redd was a higher priority? Hughes shooting is getting better, and he isn’t in his prime yet.

As for Gooden embracing defense? It's a contract year... defense doesn't give you numbers... no numbers = no money. If new coach Mike Brown can convince Gooden to play defense, then he's a better coach than I hoped for.

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