Sunday, October 23, 2005

World Series Stuff

There's really no 'evil' team this year, and both teams are Cleveland-esq.

When I watch championship games in whatever sport, and if one of my teams isn't in it, I try to root for the team most like Cleveland. My logic: Cleveland fans have been sucker punched a lot, and I'd rather not see other fans go through it, so if Team A won recently and Team B hasn't won in 50+ years and has had a few heartbreaking losses, I'm going with Team B.

Well, both the Sox and the Astros haven't won a World Series in 2492390 years, so there's no problem there. I probably should root for Houston, just because the city of Chicago has had the Bulls recently, while Houston has had... the Comets? AND Houston lost the Oilers, very Browns-esq.

But I find myself rooting for the White Sox, I'm not sure why. Maybe I'd like to have the WS winner in the Tribes division, or maybe I just dislike the NL. I dunno, but I'll be rooting for the Chi Sox. As for a prediction... White Sox in 6.

Also, has been pretty good recently. This is an article about the Yankee stories (you know, how the Yankees have their 2003 pitching rotation in the World Series) and this one take on Boston's retarded Dan Shaughnessy and his 'curse boner'.


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