Monday, October 10, 2005

Penn State Weekend

First of all, I had a blast. I'm not one of those people who, if their team loses, their day is ruined. Now, if my team wins, I'm on cloud nine. But if OSU or the Cavs or Tribe or Browns lose, I'm bummed, but I can still have a good time. So I was gonna have a good time no matter this weekend, win or lose.

Most of the Penn State people (Valerie's friends, the people we tailgated by and the fans we sat by) were pretty cool. There were a few who were dumbasses like:
"OSU is gonna lose out"
Excellent point fucker, cause if we lost to Penn State, who can we beat? Good logic.
"Fuck Ohio"
You live in Pennslyvania. They're basically the same state, we share Lake Erie, come on. It's not like you live in Florida or California, you live in Pennslyvania. We have Amish, you have Quakers, thats about it.
"Can't beat Texas"
Thanks, good luck with that.

Though, overall, the kids were nice, intelligent fans. Mostly, they're just happy they matter again. To be honest, the fans who disapointed me the most were the OSU fans by us. We were near a whole section of Buckeyes, and no one made noise. There were a few people who tried to start cheers with us, but in general they seemed pissed that I was yelling. If you're gonna drive anywhere from 3-6 hours to go a game, at least try to, oh I dunno, have fun! Like I'm the bad guy cause I was jumping around at a night game between two nationally ranked Big 10 teams.

My bad.

What was weird, and unexpected, is that I seemed to gain the respect of Penn State fans (completely on accident). Throughout the game me and a few PSU fans ribbed each other back and forth. You know, questioned each teams plays, yelled cheers at each other, that type thing. And after the game, after OSU lost, we were shaking hands and saying good game and crap (cause honestly that was a good game) and people were like 'you're a good fan man, you showed up today.' Which was cool, I guess, if unexpected. But I mean I was hanging with these guys all game long, so it wasn't out of the blue. What was out of the blue, was that while we were watching their fans attempt a field rush (honestly, boooo, you call that rushing the fields, I didn't even see any dumpster fires after the game, and they call themselves fans) a Penn State women and her husband came down from like 5-10 rows behind me (I hadn't spoken with them all game) she came down and says,

"You did a good job tonight. You handled yourself really well. I just wanted to let you know I respected that"

Um... thanks? I mean, talk about coming out of nowhere. But hey, if I can help change the national perception of OSU fans inadvertently, I'll do it.

Now for the game....

The offense lost the game for the team. End of story. The defense played well, not great, but good enough to win. The offense gave up a INT to the 2 yard line. Thanks guys.

I know I'm one of the few Justin Zwick fans out there, but can we agree that Troy Smith also sucks? Can we at least get over ourselves about Troy Smith? He. Cannot. Throw. The. Football. The offense is bad. It just is. This isn't new. People bitch about Zwick and all this crap, but you know what? At least he has some pocket awareness. Smith has absolutely no feel for it at all.

I said earlier this year (after either the Texas or San Diego State game) that I don't believe Zwick has started his last game this year. He definitely hasn't seen the last of some meaningful playing time.

Also, I love Ginn to death, but can someone tell the kid to run forward? He runs sideways, thinking he's gonne break one, and he gets nothing.

Okay, that's it, I have some pictures up (there will be captions eventually) at


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