Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Delightful, as always, but I'd like to address a point.
I think the best thing I've heard about the Patriots in a long time comes from Phil Simms. "Maybe it's just a reflection of society, but everyone's looking for a reason why the Patriots won't repeat. Fans want to move on and see what's next. I speak to fans in airports and other places and they have actually expressed to me that they are 'tired' of the Patriots. OK, so you're tired of good sportsmanship? Tired of players who handle themselves well in the press? Tired of a team overcoming injuries and other obstacles? It makes you wonder.'' Amen, brother.

No, it doesn't. We get it. The Patriots are good. Fans aren't sick of good players or teams overcoming obstacles. It's just that there are other stoires out there. To make a prime time sitcom analogy, the Patriots are the Ramon to the rest of the leauges Robert at this point. They're the best team out there, and since reporters finally have a good story/team to talk (instead of TO or Leonard Little drunk driving or whatever) they run with it. The same thing happens with Brett Favre. Everyone loves these guys.


This doesn't meant that these guys are perfect. Tom Brady throws a pass from his ass (completes it) and everyone is saying how heads up the guy is. If Jake Plummer pulled that shit (and completed it) everyone would've been talking about how risky it was. And they'd be right, it'd be a dumb pass to attempt. The Pats draft a guy in the first round and no one knows who he is and everyone seems okay with that. Oh, good, they used a first round pick on someone know one has heard of, well Belicheck is a genius, so lets go with it. No one questions it.

I alawys hear about how the Pats are just so classy. Just good character guys. But more than a couple Patriot players mocked the Eagles 'wing dance' thing in the Super Bowl last year. If Randy Moss pulled a stunt like that then Joe Buck's head would explode. And I'm pretty sure that if I hear how Patriots don't have positions, that they're just made up of football players, mine would too.

It's the same with Favre. He throws a pass when he's well past the line of scrimage and the announcers just laugh. Oh that Brett Favre, he's such a competitor. Gee fuckin wizz. Golly, he sure is having fun out there. OR Holy shit, what was he thinking?! The guy throws for a ton of INTs a year, he throws some of the most mind boggling passes you'll ever see. Is he a great quarterback? Of course! Is he perfect? Of course not! But you'd never know it from the way the media loves the guy.

The point is we aren't all Patriots fans (or Packer fans) and just because they're good doesn't mean we all give a rats ass. Should they be the top story most of the time? Yes. But aren't the only good guys in the NFL. It's become over kill, it's become 'Craig Krenzel is a molecular genetics major'. Or that' Hines Ward is underrated'. We get it.

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