Monday, October 24, 2005

Pluto: Don't Believe the Manny Hype

Manny will not be coming back to Cleveland, says Pluto.

The agent for Manny Ramirez told ESPN's Peter Gammons that his client might be willing to be traded to the Los Angeles Angels or the Indians. Keep in mind that this is coming from Ramirez's camp. The Boston Red Sox are in no hurry to deal a guy who hit .292 with 45 home runs and 144 RBI unless they receive big-time players in return. Ramirez does have the right to veto any trade.

The Indians won't be able to trade for Ramirez because of his contract ($55 million remaining over three years) and the players whom they would have to give up. Even if Boston picked up 50 percent of the contract, it's doubtful that the Tribe would trade someone like Cliff Lee. The Angels have major bucks and could be in the market. Odds are Ramirez will be back in Boston.

Thome could be an easier get, but we basically have Thome in Travis Hafner... Personally, I would send out a feeler or two to Boston, just to see how high their asking price will be. I think if Manny or Thome came back, the fans would come in bunches.

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