Thursday, October 27, 2005

ESPN's Cavs Picks

The general consensus is that they'll be third in the division and around 4-5th in the conference.

However, Will Perdue has them finishing fourth in the division and NINETH in the conference. So he's prediciting the Cavs won't make the playoffs. So the Cavs add Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall and Damon Jones (oh, and a healthy Luke Jackson) and DON'T improve in the East? Good, I'm glad he's getting paid to write about basketball. Way to waste some money ESPN. (Purdue is also counting on Tim Thomas to resurrect his career with the Bulls, I'll take that bet).

On the other hand, John Hollinger has them 1st in the division and 2nd in the conference overall:
Take a team that won 42 games with zero long-range shooting. Add two of the league's top bombers and, for good measure, replace Ira Newble with Larry Hughes. Jackpot.
I like his thinking!

Most guys seem to think that their defense will be a problem, and I don't buy it. If anything, I think the offense will struggle, especially early on. I think coach Brown will have them working their asses off on D.

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