Sunday, October 02, 2005


*Standing Ovation*

And not in a sarcastic way. This season was awesome. Yea, I'm disapointed now too, it was kind of a anti-climatic way to end the year... but... what a year? This team played great and players grew before our eyes.

You can see the team making steps. Last year they got within 1 game of the Twins in August, and lost the next 10 or so. This year they got in the race and did amazingly well for 3/4's of September. The Indians success overshadowed the Yanks revival in my opinion. Cause the Tribe kept winning games... and never built a lead on the Yanks.

The Tribe just ran out of gas at the end, they couldn't sustain the pace they had set. Also, besides today, all the latest losses were 1 run games. The first two Sox games, the Devil Ray series and the final game vs the Royals.

In many ways, Grady dropping that fly ball in the final KC game was the turning point of the year. They could've finished off a four game sweep, could've kept the momentum going, instead their star wunderkid makes a crucial error and some doubt creeps into the team. After that loss they weren't the same.

Did they choke at the end of the year? You can probably say that. I think they just ran out of gas. Having sub-par 1st basmen and right field really hurt them. Hafner can't carry the team all the time. Victor, Peralta and Grady were too streaky this year, but that's to be expected; their young. But having the Broussard/Herandez combo at first and Casey Blake at RF didn't give them much hitting at two primo hitting spots. Those positions are supposed to be the rocks of your lineup and they were the bottom third of the Indians.

But whatever, good year. No, great year. They played games that mattered in October (sure not the playoffs, but still). What more can you ask?

There's no shame in losing out to two teams who double your payroll.

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