Thursday, October 13, 2005

Instant Replay in Baseball

After the weird end to last nights Angels-Sox game, there's been more grumblings about instant replay in baseball.

It might happen, it might not, I dunno. If it did happen, I think it would be best served for foul balls and homeruns. I'm not sure how much it could do with balls and strikes.... Also, what would instant replay have done last night?

The problem with the play was that the umpire was hesitant with his call PLUS the fact that it was a close play. AND after seeing that replay a million and a half times I STILL don't know if the catcher caught it or trapped it. So replay last night would've been useless.

The catcher should've tagged the batter just to be safe, it happens all the time. The umpire messed up, true, but it wasn't like that play brought the winning run home (though the Sox eventually got him in).

This is the same crap that was pulled in the Bartman thing. Sure it sucked what happened, but theres still outs to go, its only a guy at first base with two outs (and the Bartman thing was just a strike). So can we please hold off on the baseball replay stuff. Replay would've done nothing here.

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