Thursday, October 20, 2005

Inn Town Homes, Worse than Hometeam?

Could it be, could my new landlords be worse than my old ones?

I came home today, after classes, at 4 pm. I heated up some left over pizza for a snack and made a sandwhich for my dinner break at work in the evening.

I work at 5, and it takes me about a half hour to get there, so I left the apartment a little before 4:30. I go to lock our front door and there is a piece of paper taped to it. It's from or landlord.

It says my apartment owes $185 in rent still. And if we don't get that in soon, we will charged late fees and they will begin the eviction process.

Now... rent got to Inn Town no later than Oct. 5th, but probably earlier. Rent was paid in full. $1400 was sent out, $1400 was cashed. $350 a person. Like it says on our lease.

I was in the kitchen the entire time I was home, less than a half hour, they never even knocked on the door... they just taped the on the door and ran away. So this is our first notice that any money is due. A piece of paper taped to the door.

No letter.

No phone call.


At least with Hometeam, they would call some of us first, and ask where the money is. And if we were actually due money, they would tell us what it was for. And they have all of our phone numbers. But no calls.

So not only did we not get any warnings or phone call checkups... we don't even know why we owe money! Excellent job boys. Excellent job...

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