Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Boone is gone

The Aaron Boone era is over. 3 years of fun (well, two years of "playing") have come and gone. You hope that Andy Marte isn't too nervous about following a player like Boone at 3rd, you know what they say, "you never want to be the guy who follows 'the man', you want to be the guy that follows the guy who follows 'the man' " .

The Indians also picked up the options of Casey Blake and Jake Westbrooke. Both of these pick ups were no brainers. Personally, I think Blake has a better shot at being an Indian next year than Jake.

If the Tribe actually makes a trade for a right handed power bat or a relief pitcher, they'll probably have to trade one of their starters. Obviously Sabathia and Sowers won't be offered, but Lee, Westbrook and Byrd are all tradable.

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Erik said...

Don't worry. We still have ESPN. We can remain fully confident that Marc Stein will continue to bury the Cavs in his weekly power rankings while their corps of "Insiders" will continue to develop massive hard-ons as they talk about the Bulls.