Monday, October 09, 2006

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

1. Ho hum, the Buckeyes beat Bowling Green 35-7.

2. Smith went 17-20 for 191 yards and 3 TDs. Pretty nice. Sure he doesn't have the big yards, but 17 for 20? I like it.

3. Since Auburn lost, OSU should have all the no. 1 votes, right? Well, one of the coaches gave a vote to Florida and those two AP guys are still giving votes to West Viriginia. I guess they were really impressed with that win over 1-5 Mississippi State.

4. Speaking of Florida, the PD speculates that if both OSU and Florida won out, Florida could be ranked number 1. It's not that crazy, Florida does play a pretty hard schedule (they already beat Tennessee, 'Bama and LSU and they got Auburn, Georgia, Florida State and the SEC title game). However, if Michigan stays unbeaten until the OSU game, that means OSU would've beaten two number 2 teams. That's pretty impressive. Also, rarely does a team win and move down. But a Florida-OSU title game? That'd be pretty sweet.

5. Ohio State has Michigan State next week and though MSU seems to be coming undone, this is still a dangerous game. This is the only game that scares me until Michigan. MSU has the athletes to compete with Ohio State (nobody else onthe schedule really does). OSU needs to stay focused this week, no one needs a repeat of 1998.

6. Thaaaaaaaaaa Yankees lose. Thaaaaaaaaa Yankees lose!

7. A-Rod played like shit for the series, so he is getting a ton of
the blame. ESPN ran their obligatory "A-Rod chokes"piece and Jeremy Schaap said this: "In short, no one deserves more blame than Rodriguez for the Yankees recent failures."
Really? No one deserves more blame? Who's idea was it to sign Jaret Wright and Randy Johnson? I bet it's the same guy who signed Carl Pavano. Well done. The Yankees were done in by their lowsy pitching, end of story. Plus, the entire team was shut out by Kenny freaking Rogers.

8. This is stupid.

9. When the Tigers beat the Yankees to go to the ALCS, all the Tiger players back onto the field from the lockeroom and ran around the stadium hi-fiving and hugging fans. Kenny Rogers was up on the dugout spraying the fans with champagne. It was pretty awesome. I tried to find a YouTube video to no avail.

10. The Browns had their chances yesterday but a combination of poor play calling, poor decsision making by Frye and basic lack of talent did them in.

11. The Panthers just rushed four all game, but that was enough as Frye was scrambling for his life. That meant the recievers were covered pretty well.

12. It looked like the Browns only rushed 4 themselves, but Jake Delhomme had all day to throw. The Browns didn't blitz too often because their top corners were out, it was so bad that they had a saftey (Brodney Pool) on Keyshawn Johnson. That worked out well.

13. I may have mentioned this before, but the Browns line sucks major ass. It just blows. Terry Pluto seems to have the same thoughts, as does the Hornless Rhino.

14. FYI, I hate Dennis Northcutt. But I do enjoy those dropped passes, really.

15. Despite the Johnson debacle, the Browns secondary played rather well. I figured that Steve Smith and Johnson would run wild on the Browns, but it didn't happen.

16. I wouldn't get too excited about the Browns staying competetive with Carolina. The Panthers didn't impress me that much (at one point they were 0-9 on third down). It was an ugly game all around.

17. How bout that play calling huh? Third and inches on the Panthers 21 and the Browns run a... you guessed it, fullback pass. Awesome. What the hell is with these fullback plays? In the loss to New Orleans the Browns ran a fullback toss sweep on 3rd and short. What? Maurice Carthon used to play fullback? Oh.

18. Josh Cribbs is either a man-animal or a manster (half man, half monster for those non-Madden fans). Sure, he was only in on punt returns because Northcutt got hurt, but he should've been out there anyway.

19. Actual conversation:
Me: I really want to see The Departed, I mean, look at that cast. Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin.
Nick: Alec Baldwin?!
Maybe that doesn't come off as that funny. But man, he was really excited for that Baldwin presence.

20. Just read this post and all the comments.

21. It looks like Shannon Brown impressed in the Wine and Gold scrimmage.

22. What's the point of this Zydrunas Ilgauskas article. He's prepared? He'll be better? Maybe Coach Brown will use Z's strengths? I don't know.

23. Another 'Marshall's in shape' article.

24. Did you know you can re-watch full episodes of Studio 60? There's a new one tonight, seriously, watch this show.

25. I saw the beginning of SNL this past week... man, not good. Yet I keep watching (and tivo-ing). They even had a Nancy Grace parody, and I HATE Nancy Grace. The impression was good, but the skit just wasn't funny. Ugh.

26. Know what comes out tomorrow? Colorblind by Robert Randolph. this album. I've seen Robert Randolph and the Family Band 5 or 6I am beyond excited for times in concert, and they always kick ass. Just a phenomenal band. If you enjoy music at all, you should really check out Unclassified, if you can't dig that, you have no soul.

27. The new Killers' CD (Sam's Town) is just alright... It's gotten pretty so-so reviews. I enjoyed Hot Fuss a lot, and they change it up this time around. It's not all bad, the first half is very enjoyable, but the second half is forgettable. However, I do enjoy the single, 'When You Were Young'.

28. But the new Jet album? I really like it; sure Jet is still ripping off (listen to Iggy Pop's 'Lust for Life' and Jets' 'Are You Gonna be My Girl' and get back to me) the classic rock canon, but that is what makes the music enjoyable. It all sounds familiar. The single 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' has a lot of cowbell, which I think we all can agree is a good thing. But the most surprising track to me is the Beatles-esque 'Kings Horses'. That's just a fun song.

29. Dear North Korea,
Thank you for getting our pedophile apologist asses off the news.
The Republican Party

30. And finally, my first post is up at Real Cavs Fans.

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