Friday, October 06, 2006

That Bill Livingston Column

So, I don't know if any of you have turned on a Cleveland sports show today, but there seems to be a small uproar over Bill Livington's column (I'm not going to link to it, cause he wants attention).

His column deals with an altercation that occured on the basketball court. In high school. Why bring this up? I don't really know, the column wasn't very good and I didn't really seem to care.

But Sports Talk 850? My lord did they care. I was making dinner today, and since there's no PTI thanks to the baseball playoffs, I had Kenny Roda on the radio. And boy was he pissed.

I mean, really pissed. His mains points/questions seemed to be:

Livingston must've had nothing to write about this week
Why did this column come out now, when the incident happened years ago. Why not before the Texas game? Or Iowa?
Troy Smith can do no wrong.
Bill Livingston is full of shit.
The kid who was on the recieving end of Troy Smith's elbow is obviously lying.
Troy Smith is god.
Livingston wanted attention and to cause a stir, so he wrote a hatchet job on Smith.
Troy Smith is very very sexy.

This went on for hours. (You may ask why I kept the show on? I didn't feel like watching Twins-A's and Mike Trivisono is a major douchetard)

Now, I don't really know much about the incident and nor do I really care. If I'm following this correctly either the kid said something racist and Smith clocked him, or Smith is racist(an asshole? a douchebag?) and took him out for no good reason. Honestly? At this point who cares? Who cares about a high school fight? Who gives a shit what Bill Livingston writes? Who cares what Kenny Roda says? And who cares what I think?

Seriously, Livingston needed a column to turn in for Bowling Green week and Roda needed something to talk about (for Bowling Green week) so he used his entire show to bash Livingston.

And I was pissed off at hearing Roda go on and on (and on and on), so I wrote about it.

See, nobody wins.

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