Tuesday, October 31, 2006

LeBron on the Daily Show

I'm trying to find a YouTube link, but you can watch the episode here.

here's a link for LeBron's interview


Erik said...

Stewart: "So, do we have an exit strategy or not?"

LeBron: "Uh ... well, actually, I just signed a contract extension..."

Stewart: "You ... oh, you're talking about basketball, aren't you? Yeah, see here at The Daily Show, we subscribe to the Bill Maher theory of asking enetertainment celebities their opinions on world-changing issues they have no extensive knowledge of whatsoever. So, what's your opinion on the war in Iraq? You hate Bush?"

LeBron: "Uh ... well, I've been coached in the Michael Jordan school of expressing no controversial opinions because it might alienate my paying fans."

Stewart: "No controversial opinions? Brilliant! Here, let me make a Jew joke and then we'll both laugh about how incomprehensibly rich we are."

LeBron: "Brilliant!"

Ben said...


actually, the one thing i like is that when theres an entertainment person (say, kirsten dunst) he cracks jokes and doesn't ask their opinions of stuff they aren't involved in.

but you're right, LeBron is from the Michael Jordan/Tiger Woods school of answers. Nothing close to controversial ala Barkley (or Randy Moss).

Erik said...

I saw the interview on TV last night. Of course, New Yorker Stewart has to ask "Will the Knicks suck?" because he's such a die-hard Knicks fan.

I swear, I almost wish the Knicks would be quasi-competitive this year so we don't have another torrent of "You know, it's hard being a Knicks fan right now" columns from the national media.

It's like Paris Hilton discovering "Wow, being poor sucks. Does the President know that there are poor people in this country right now? Everyone should know that being poor sucks."

As such, Knick fans are joining the Paris Hilton club of dense people I want to swat upside the head.

Ben said...

I am sick of the fact that we get so much analysis on a terrible team. ESPN doesn't give that kind of coverage to the Hawks or Blazers.

If I have to watch Knicks on TV again (or heaven help me, Knicks vs Lakers) I'll go nuts.

People wonder why the Detroit-St. Louis WS got such crappy ratings. It's true, part of it is the fact that they aren't that big of markets. But all season we saw Yankee games, Red Sox game and Mets games. Hell, Joe Morgan said he hadn't seen Detroit closer Todd Jones until the Yankee series. That might've played a part in it.

In a perfect world the Knicks wouldn't get any more TV time than the Hawks or Bobcats, but we all know this world isn't perfect.

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