Friday, October 13, 2006

The Luke Jackson Era Is Over

That's right, Luke Jackson was traded to the Boston Celtics for Dwayne Jones and a 2.1 million trade exception (according to Kenny Roda and WKNR 850).

Jones is a 250lb 6-11, defensive center who led the NBDL in rebounding last season. From what I've heard is that he's a good shot blocker and rebounder but he is pretty raw on offense.

As far as Jackson goes, I can't say I'll really miss the guy. He's been hurt for most of his time in Cleveland and he's never really gotten into the flow. You can't blame the kid, he's a natural small forward on a team where the starting small forward never sits for more than 30 seconds. Plus, the writing was on the wall when GM Danny Ferry drafted 2 guards in this past June's draft.

Though, who knows how much playing time he'll get with Boston, I mean, he goes from sitting behind LeBron James to sitting behind Paul Pierce. But hey, at least Boston can add another white guy to their roster. That's always fun.

As for the Cavaliers, I don't think they're done dealing. With their glut of guards, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the veteran got dealt. Eric Snow, Damon Jones, Sasha Pavlovic and a healthy Ira Newble could all be trade canidates. Plus, if the Cavs think that the additions of Dwyane Jones and Scot Pollard could make up for his production, I wouldn't be totally shocked to see Anderson Varejao dangled out there again.

Now, I'm not saying I'm totally for this (if you want to trade for a good PG however, you gotta offer something), but one of the veteran guards + Varejao + 2.1 million trade excpetion (from Boston) could net the Cavs a pretty decent starting point guard.

Anways, the Cavs have relieved their guard glut by releasing Eddie Basden and trading Luke Jackson. Personally, I doubt these are the last moves we'll see.


Erik said...

I don't think you want to be trading Varejao unless you get another quality big as part of the return package. If you lose Varejao, you are a Z finger dislocation or a Scot Pollard/Donyell Marshall back strain away from having a very shallow big man corps.

The Cavs could use an upgrade at the point guard, but right now, I'm more in favor of keeping things stable after three straight years of upheaval. I think there are ways around not having a top-flight point guard that don't involve turning over 25 percent of the roster.

I do think the Cavs will deal off another guard. My money says they'll send Sasha Pavlovic to Steve and Barry's for a pair of $14.99 Starburys.

Ben said...

Ya, I doubt Pavlovic will be in a Cleveland uni for much longer. He looked out of it during the preseason game vs Boston. He was throwing up shots whenever he touched the ball. It was not pretty.

Personally, I wouldn't mind trying to find a draft pick for next June.