Monday, October 16, 2006

Random Thoughts From the Weekend

1. Coming into this Saturday, I was kind of worried about the Michigan State game. I knew MSU has looked awful the past few weeks, but if Ohio State came out slow, they could've had a game. (And, of course, we all remembered that '98 season).

2. So what happened? Chris Wells fumbled on Ohio State's first possesion. Awesome.

3. At this point I was freaked; I mean, this is exactly what Michigan State needed to have a chance. But then OSU's defense (hey, did you hear they lost 9 starters from last season? OMG!!) stepped it up big time. They stopped Michigan state on a 1st and 3 (after a holding penalty negated a swing play) for negative 2. After a 2nd down incomplete, the Buckeyes sacked Drew Stanton on 3rd down to take MSU out of FG range. After that series, I thought Michigan State had no chance.

4. And they didn't. Troy Smith went 15-22 for 232 yards and 2 TDs, Ginn had a punt return TD and the defense shut Michigan State down (and beat the crap out of Drew Stanton).

5. Two of Smith's Heisman contenders suffered major setbacks this week. Adrian Peterson is out for the season after breaking his collarbone. He'll be in the NFL next season (and as I've said before, Peterson is the only non-lineman first round pick I'll accept for the Browns next year. If they can't get Peterson, draft linemen. No Quinn, no Calvin Johnson... linemen).

6. The other Heisman contender? Garrett Wolfe. Well, he was kind of a long shot, but he suffered a 18 carry, 25 yard day at the hands of Central Michigan. That almost certainly kills his hopes.

7. My argument against Wolfe (as is my argument against West Virginia) is his schedule. Sure, he has great stats, but he hasn't exactly been tearing it up versus a bunch of top teams (and yes, he did have good stats versus Ohio State. They also lost that game 35-12).

8. For West Virginia, well, it looks like the Disapointment Zone figured out the names of the two fucks who keep giving West Viriginia those 2 first place votes in the AP. I had figured they'd be from West Virginia or at least close. Nope, California. Honestly, I bitch about this every week, but WV has only played one team with a winning record. One team, freaking Maryland at 4-2. (The rest? Marshall 1-5, Eastern Washington 2-5, East Carolina 2-4, Mississippi State 2-5 and Syracuse 3-4).

9. Back to the Heisman. It looks like Troy Smith is on top of the boards.

10. As for the Polls, OSU is still number 1 in both of them, but the big news is that Michigan is no. 2 in the AP. Of course, I really want to see no. 1 OSU vs no. 2 Michigan to end the season, but to be honest, I as rooting for Penn State this past Saturday night. I know I would love to see that end of the season matchup, but I still can't bring myself to root for That Team Up North.

11. The first BCS has come out, and surprise surprise, OSU is number 1. What cracks me up is that Auburn is ahead of West Virginia and Texas is no. 9 even though they are ranked 5th in both polls. That's what you get for beating up Sam Houston State!

12. My question is this, say USC loses and going into the OSU-Michigan game, no other team besides those two are undefeated. Say Michigan loses and their only loss comes against Ohio State, in Columbus. How far do they drop? They'd only have one loss, to the best team, on the road.

13. For those of you that haven't heard, next weeks Ohio State-Indiana game isn't going to be televised locally. It's only on ESPN-U. Good call on that one. Let's not show the number 1 team in the country. Good job.

14. How about this brawl? One part reminded me of a line from Happy Gilmore:
"During high school, I played junior hockey and still hold two league records: most time spent in the penalty box; and I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody."
Taking off your helmet and hitting people, fucking awesome.

15. 31 players suspended. Amazing.

16. So how soon after the season ends will Larry Coker be fired? During the post game interview? Half time of the last game? 20 minutes from now?

17. And what about the Miami announcer? This guy won't be around for too much longer.

18. Hey college football fans, tomorrow night, Desperate Housewives! Come on football fans, this show is for you. (I've seen enough of those commericals).

19. Also, enough with the Iron Man truck commericals. Honestly, stop it.

20. Since the Browns had the week off, it was a pretty stress free Sunday. No fullback option passes, no across your body 4th quarter INTs.

21. Roger Brown took to task all the Maurice Carthon haters and took it to Charlie Frye on Sunday. Let's see if you can spot the flaws in his argument:

Well, guess we struck some deep nerves with a recent column suggesting that it's wrong to largely blame Browns offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon for the team's 1-4 start - it's produced angry calls, e-mail, letters and nasty words on Browns fan Web sites.

We'll sum up our position with two more thoughts:

No. 1. Is Carthon the most brilliant offensive mind since Bill Walsh prowled the sidelines? Absolutely not. Could Browns assistant head coach Jeff Davidson do a better job calling the plays? Probably. But we'll say it again: Bashing Carthon has become a convenient, handy crutch for frustrated fans and pandering-to-the-crowd media pundits who tiptoe around the real problems with this team's offense. Like:

A second-tier offensive line.

A running back who's better than mediocre but may be a bit overrated after a 1,000-yard season in 2005 (Reuben Droughns).

A limited, still-unproven quarterback (Charlie Frye).

Pass catchers (Kellen Winslow Jr. and Braylon Edwards) who do have considerable potential - but hardly are the second comings of Tony Gonzalez and Jerry Rice. (Yet.)

No. 2. Frankly, we feel like we're living in a parallel universe when we're debating some folks about Frye's effectiveness as a starting quarterback. They see a tough, confident, commanding field general with an NFL arm that's beyond question. A guy who's the next Brett Favre - if only Carthon's presence wasn't holding him back from his rightful greatness.

We see an admirably tough guy whose arm - while better than 2005 - still doesn't appear to scare opponents with its strength, accuracy or touch. A quarterback who has nearly twice as many interceptions (9) as touchdown passes (5) and the most picks of any league passer. One who yields a mere 9.8 yards on every pass he does happen to complete. And one whose field judgment in tough, critical situations is inconsistent and often unreliable. In short, a quarterback who has been remarkably average and largely unspectacular.

We can confirm our impression of Frye with three sources - two open eyes and cold reality. What are Frye's boosters using to support their optimistic view of him as an NFL quarterback - besides stubborn hope and delusions that firing Carthon will solve all?

There are so many things that piss me off about this, in no particular order:

A) So Carthon doesn't deserve the blame for running fullback sweeps? Fullback option passes? Not using his teams strengths (Winslow and Edwards)? We can't gripe about these things?

B) How can he rip the Brown's line and running game, and then proceed to rip Frye? He has to hand the ball off to that crappy running back and stand behind that crappy line.

C) What is he trying to say about Winslow and Edwards? He lists them under problems that we're overlooking in the zeal to bash Carthon, but he says their faults are that they aren't Hall of Fame players. Um?

D) He called the O-Line second tier. Bullshit, that line is at least 3rd tier, if not 4th or 5th.

E) Nice straw man argument. What Browns fan out there think that Carthon is holding Frye back from greatness? Who has said ever said this? Who thinks that Frye can be this Hall of Famer if only Carthon was gone? I'm pretty sure Brown just made that up.

F) Also, I'm pretty sure he wrote that whole thing about Frye and Carthon just to infuriate Browns fans. "Well, you hate this coach and love this player, huh? Well, let's defend the coach and rip that player. Yeah, that's a good column."

Look, Browns fans main beef with Carthon is that he doesn't play to the teams' strengths, you know: Frye's mobility, Winslow, Edwards and Joe Jurevicius. Just simply running the ball to 'establish the run' pisses us off, because, well, the Browns have no running game. And when it's third and short do they use the 1,200 yard rusher? The 6-4 mobile quarterback? The beast of a tightend? The game breaking reciever? No, they use rookie fullbacks. Poorly.

If anyone argues that Frye is a HoF'er once Carthon is fired (and trust me, he isn't coming back next season) they should be shot in the face by Dick Cheney.

22. I first saw this on a Real Cavs Fans message board (from
Word is, there are rumors floating around town that Plain Dealer “columnist” “Radio” Roger Brown is out of a job.
Word is, the controversial “columnist” was either fired or accepted a buyout or was forced to accept a buyout instead of being fired.
What a shame. If true, it’d be a great loss to the Cleveland journalistic community.
23. Now, I didn't really believe it, but then I pick up today's PD and his Monday Media column is nowhere to be found. So... could it be true? Could he be gone? I'm still not convinced, but lord we can all hope.

24. Calm down everyone, Larry Hughes's finger should be ok.

25. So I've recieved my copy of Robert Randolph and the Family Band's Colorblind and... meh. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid album, but it's missing that extra something. It sounds over-produced; it's too glossy for my tastes. There's nothing that comes close to 'Nothing', I Need More Love' or 'Squeeze'. My biggest problem with Colorblind? It's boring. Ouch.

26. That being said, it came with an EP of their set at this years Bonnaroo (which I attended... I think) which kicks major ass. Robert Randolph live is something that you must experience, I can't say this enough. If you ever get that chance, take it.

27. Speaking of live experiences, check out 'S.R.' from Reel Big Fish's new live album. Go to iTunes and spend that dollar. Just do it. For me.

28. This is bad. This is worse.

29. Paranoid?

30. Some music I have been listening to (and I like)? Ray LaMontagne. He's a singer-songwriter type, very mellow. He has two albums, Trouble and his new one, Til the Sun Turns Black, and I like 'em both, though I think Trouble is the stronger of the two (or at least more diverse), but I would recommend both of 'em to you Cat Stevens, Paul Simon and Jack Johnson lovers out there (whats up Sepe).

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