Saturday, October 07, 2006

Daniel Gibson

Windhorst says that Gibson is impressing:

Brown said he has been especially pleased with rookie guard Daniel Gibson during the first week of two-a-days.

``Daniel has surprised me a little bit, he's learning really fast,'' Brown said. ``He's showing the ability to get things accomplished at both ends of the floor.''

At this point, the second-round pick from Texas is still a longshot to make the 12-man active roster and remains a candidate to be sent to the NBA Development League for at least a portion of the season. But he has gotten noticed.

I'm kinda surprised that he's a longshot to make the roster. This is a kid who many thought would be the Cavs first round pick, this isn't a normal second round project. It wouldn't exactly be a bad thing to have a really fast point guard coming off the bench. Have Gibson play point, with Hughes, LeBron and Gooden running around out there? That'd be neat.

Maybe I'm expecting too much from the young kid. But I do think he could really be a factor in the coming seasons. If Gibson could turn into just an average point guard, it could really boost the Cavs title chances.

Think I'm putting too much emphasis on the PG position. Go back to LeBron's rookie year, remember how well they played after they traded Miles for Jeff McInnis? Jeff freaking McInnis! That guy sucked ass, but after the trade the team, well, played like a team. And all they did was upgrade from terrible to below average. I would say they're still below average right now (with Snow) but if, in a year or two, Gibson becomes just an average PG, I think the team will really take off.

There's a lot of title talk going around right now. And right now I am cautiously optimistic. But I still think that that Cavs won't take the crown until they get PG not named Eric Snow.


POJO_Risin said...

Personally, if you ask my, they should stick with Gibson, and deal Snow AND THE SHOOTING Wonder from Miami...for I don't care who. Trade them for Grandma-mas dress for all I care. Go with Gibson, and pick up an old vet. If they let him go, and go with Snow and freakin' Jones...then they deserve what they get when both implode in the playoffs. Heck, use Lebron as point take the pressure off of Gibson...

It's similar to what they did when they had McGinnis...

Erik said...

If early indications are true, the Cavs will be relying far more on LeBron and Larry Hughes to handle the ball and set up the offense, which will reduce a reliance on the point guard position.

Snow and Jones aren't going anywhere with their contracts, so instead of constantly placing the ball in their hands and putting up with lukewarm results, give the ball to the playmakers right away.

Play to your strengths. Make that point guard position more of an off-guard, a third scoring option. Stick Shannon Brown or Jones or David Wesley out on the perimeter as a kickout option when LeBron or Hughes drives inside and draws the double team.

I think that would be getting the most out of your personnel on offense.

Ben said...

I hope that Jones and Snow's minutes get cut, but we'll see. So far I really like the draft picks, but some coaches tend to not trust rookies. I'm just not sure if Brown will be willing to put up with the youngster's mistakes.

Part of me feels like this is a repeat of 'James will get less minutes' discusion. Sure, right now Brown says Hughes and James will control the ball more, but I worry that if there's a bad game or two early on, Brown will revert back to Snow.