Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Okay, I'll ask the question

How can two offensive cooridinators have been fired today, and neither of them been named Maurice Carthon?

And speaking of that Cardinals game, did anyone else just feel sick. I mean, after that I wanted to vomit. And honestly, I felt like I was watching a Cleveland team. The Browns and this years Ravens game obviously come to mind, but the Indians (and their 1998 playoff loss to Boston) could fit as well. Just watching a team collapse. Ugh.

Sir Charles predicted this when Arizona didn't capitalize on their 3 turnovers in Bears territory (only 6 pts) (check out that Barkely video, man he could jump). They took their foot off the gas.

I mean, they kept handing the ball off to James even though it wasn't working at all. It was like they were thinking, "I know the running game isn't working, but this is what you do when you have the lead, you run the bal. I'll be damned if I stop nowl". It just reminds me of Browns games where they spend the first half running the ball to "establish the run" and then, once it's sickenly obvious that it isn't working, decide to throw the ball to their playmakers.

If Arizona had passed the ball and gone for the kill after those first half turnovers, we'd be talking about an historic upset. But they played not to lose and well, they lost.

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