Thursday, October 26, 2006

Maurice Carthon Reactions

Doesn't this make you feel good?

"Carthon did a lot of criticizing guys," Coleman said. "Not to bash him, but I think J.D. is just a more laid-back guy and he knows football. When he explains things, you feel he knows what he's talking about. It gives you more confidence to go out and do what's asked of you."
Wow. Just wow. I'm just glad the Browns kept Carthon around as long as they did.

Former Browns quarterback Trent Dilfer told the Orange and Brown Report that Maurice Carthon's departure "doesn't hurt my feelings one bit."

He said it was obvious last year that he clashed with the offensive coordinator.

"Yeah, I made no bones about it," he said. "I didn't think he [Carthon] was very good from the second I got there. I think there [are] people that are good at what they do, and people that aren't.

So he saw this coming? "I'm shocked it didn't happen sooner."

I'm also glad that the Browns traded Trent Dilfer because he clashed with Maurice fucking Carthon.

One story from last year -- told by a player prior to this week -- seems to sum up what now appears to have been a dysfunctional situation.

It had then-quarterback Trent Dilfer telling Carthon that a play he called in practice had the wrong protection. Carthon responded by telling Dilfer to run the play the way he called it, protection or not.

That angered Davidson, who turned around and slammed his clipboard to the ground.

I don't care who you are, that's just good coaching.

With Dilfer gone, the Browns have no back up plan in case Frye can't cut or gets hurt. The Browns have failed Charlie Frye.

But surprisingly, not everyone is sad to see Carthon go:

Rookie fullback Lawrence Vickers was one of several players who complimented Carthon. Carthon, a former fullback, bonded with Vickers and showcased him, using him on two controversial third-down toss sweeps in the opener and then the infamous halfback option pass against Carolina.

"I'm going to miss Carthon," said Vickers. "He was kind of a mentor to me. We talked about a lot of things, football-wise and life.

"I just have to keep our friendship and relationship going."

He supported the three controversial plays Carthon used him on. "We just didn't execute the plays," said Vickers.

A) no way, the rookie player Carthon kept putting in the game liked him. You're kidding. B) the plays Carthon ran (the ones that featured rookie fullback Lawrence Vickers), Vickers liked. I for one am shocked. C) Vickers and Carton connected. Really, the rookie fullback and the former fullback? Awesome.

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