Saturday, October 21, 2006

That's easy

So it's halftime of the Michigan-Iowa game (I want Michigan to be undefeated for Nov. 18th, so I guess I'm rooting for them. I feel sick) and John Saunders says the following:
I want you to explain to me why the computer hate Texas
I'll take a crack at it. I'm gonna go with the following reasons:

1. North Texas
2. Rice
3. Iowa State
4. Sam Houston State
5. Baylor

I think that should end the confusion.


Bill said...

Ohio State has played:

Bowling Green
Northern Ill
Michigan State

All of those teams suck just as bad as the teams Texas has played. For some reason the computer has a hard on for the Big 10 and SEC, even though those teams haven't beaten anyone outside their conference of note, except for Ohio State who beat Texas...

If you beleive that Texas is the 15th best team as the computers say then I have some bridges I need to sell you.

Ben said...

Bowling Green and Northern Illinois aren't that great, but didn't NI have a longshot Heisman canidate? But come on Sam Houston State? North Texas? Rice? Seriously?

And no, I don't think they're 15th (I would say between 6-9ish), but if you want to know why they aren't higher in the BCS, I would take a look at that schedule.

That being said, Texas has the tough part of their schedule coming up (Texas Tech, Ok.St, Kansas St and Texas A&M). If they win out, they'd shut me up.

Bill said...

Texas hasn't lost a road game since 2002. They are 27-1 in their last 28 games and still they don't get much respect. Kind of sad in a way.

Michigan played:

Vanderbilt (ie Rice)
Central Michigan (ie Sam Houston)
and soon Ball State (ie North Texas)

Texas played tOSU as a hard non conference team while Michigan played Notre Dame (tOSU was the muuuuuuch harder of those 2 matchups).

Auburn played:

Washington State
Buffalo (bottom ranked division 1 team)
Tulane (top 10 bottom ranked division 1 team).

I'm just not buying the fact that Texas had such a weak schedule compared to other top teams.

Texas played Oklahoma (who would have been unbeaten and probablly #7-8 if not for corrupt refs) and Nebraska (where Texas became the first team ever to win 3 in a row in Lincoln).

The Big 10 and SEC are both way over-rated right now - no one from those conferences has beaten anyone.