Monday, October 23, 2006

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

1. OSU looked good on Saturday, beating Indiana 44-3.

2. Did I say they looked good? My bad, they sounded good. Ohio State was on ESPNU this past Saturday, so I didn't get to see it. (Apparently, the bars in Columbus were freaking packed). I got some chores done with the radio on. It wasn't too bad, but I'd have rather, you know, watched the number 1 team in the country.

3. Smith was 15-23 for 220 yards and 4 TDs. Not really gaudy numbers, but he did get those 4 TDs in the first half. Also, no INTs, again.

4. Ted Ginn also threw a TD this game. They ran a Ginn pass last week versus Michigan State that barely missed a TD. They ran it again this week and here's what Smith had to say:

Smith was impressed by his former high school teammate's sudden passing efficiency.

"We had been practicing and practicing and practicing, watching duck after duck after duck," Smith said with a laugh. "After I carried out the fake, I turned around and saw a perfect spiral."

5. I was watching the Michigan-Iowa game and trying to root for Michigan when ABC decided to bring Brian Griese into the booth. So the booth had 2 Grieses and Paul Maguire. Needless to say, awful.

6. My Texas crack (from halftime of that game) made Deadspin.

7. Yes, West Virginia still has those two number 1 votes. In their defense, they did beat UConn 37-11.

8. Michigan moved ahead of USC in the BCS standings, but that really doesn't mean jack. If USC takes care of business, they'll be 1 or 2 after November 18th.

9. It looks more and more likely that OSU and Michigan will enter that game undefeated. OSU has games versus Minnesota, Northwestern, and Illinois left, while Michigan has Northwestern, Ball State and Indiana.

10. Yes, I will be in Columbus on the 18th.

11. The Plain Dealer has been kind of annoying lately. There was that Branson Wright's "I just pulled this out of my ass: Wade, LeBron and Bosh are all going to sign in New York in in 4 years" article. There was Bill Livingston's "Troy Smith might've been an asshole in high school and I won't let him forget it". And of course, everything Roger Brown writes. Yesterday they ran an article about Jim Tressel possibly coaching the Browns. No one needs this. Not the Browns, not the Buckeyes. Not football fans in Ohio. Stop it.

12. Maybe the Browns should of messed with the offense a bit during that bye week. Bud Shaw is losing patience. That game was awful.

13. How about that play calling:

They do things that make you scratch your head. Like on third-and-10 when Steve Heiden was sent into the huddle and Kellen Winslow was dragged out. What play was called?

A tight end screen to Heiden.


14. From the PD:

Left tackle Kevin Shaffer said the Browns are sticking together. "If we start finger-pointing, we'll be looking at a 1-15 season," he said.
15. Um Kevin? Finger point all you want, you're looking at a 1-15 season anyways. Anyone think they'll beat the Jets next week? How about at Atlanta or San Diego the weeks after that? Well, then they go the Steelers, the Bengals and the Chiefs in Cleveland. Who thins those are winnable? The weeks after that they're in Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Enjoy that. And finally the last two weeks of the season they play Tampa Bay at home and they end the season at Houston. Which one of those games are they going to be favored?

16. What game do you they got a shot in? Tampa Bay? They seem to be improving (they just beat Cincinnati and Philly... That Houston game was looking promising, but Houston beat Jacksonville yesterday. So ya...

17. Speaking of, that Jacksonville loss kicked me out of my survivor league. Dammit.

18. Plus, how long is Frye going to be able to stand upright? He suffered a mild concussion yesterday. We're one big hit away from the Derek Anderson show. Or my dream scenario: the reuniting of Ken Dorsey and Kellen Winslow.

19. Fye didn't look bad yesterday. He didn't look that great either. It seemed he was holding onto the ball too long yesterday; he didn't run much. Part of me wonders if these past two weeks he was told not to look to run as much. He did have 1 INT, but it seemed the wind took it (it was a deep ball). I'm not sure how smart the play call or the pass was (the wind was awful all day) but it wasn't like he was throwing into double coverage or anything.

20. Browns have the best fans. Really. However, I'm not sure we're the smartest... we keep paying for tickets for this shit.

21. Peter Vecsey wrote about the Greg Anthony-Isiah Thomas feud thinks he figured out the real reason why Thomas is pissed:
Maybe the real reason he's been steaming all these months is because Anthony accused him of setting up Balkman and Mardy Collins (No. 29) with 3-year guaranteed contracts in order to make nice with agent Leon Rose, agent for both. Oh, yeah, he also happens to represent LeBron James.

As you recall, speculation was rampant at the time the Cavs' savior might not extend his contract, thus he'd be unrestricted to sign with New York, where he could make even more of an advertising killing than he is at present, after two more seasons. Shortly thereafter, James re-enlisted with the Cavs for five more seasons.

Is Thomas bent out of shape because Anthony figured out what he was up to; smart business, in my book. In fact, I conjured the exact same conspiracy when Thomas signed Jamal Crawford and Vin Baker, clients of Aaron Goodwin - James' agent du jour.

As I've written before, this is stupid. But let's go through this point by point

A) After the Larry Brown debacle, Thomas was given one year to turn around the Knicks. You would think that he would do everything in his power to make the Knicks good for this season. The idea that he would take players who share an agent with LeBron James, a guy who wouldn't be available for 2 more seasons, is laughable.

B) Balkman could've been picked up in the second round or even after the draft. Sharing an agent with LeBron isn't enough to justify taking him in the first round.

C) Vecsey says "speculation was rampant". Well, yes and no. ESPN and the New York media's speculation was rampant. Any sane person? Not so much.

D) More Vecsey: "he could make even more of an advertising killing than he is at present". Big markets don't really do much for star players. They're going to be stars no matter where they play. But for lesser players, that big market helps a lot. Would Rick Fox or Luke Walton be getting acting roles if they played for Utah? Would Greg Anthony be on ESPN if he spent his career in Portland? If Scott Brosius played for the Royals, people would've remembered him as a shitty player. But since he played in New York, he's a playoff hero. But Kevin Garrnett, LeBron and AI have seemed to do alright, haven't they?

E) Vecsey calls Thomas's manuevering "smart business". Really, signing players based on agents is good business? To make inroads with a player who won't be available for two more seasons? Especially when you only have 1 year to turn it around?

F) I know this might come as as a shock to people, but the Cavs can offer LeBron the most money. That's how the NBA works. So when his new contract is up, and he can sign a giant mega deal under the new CBA, you know what team can offer him that deal? The Cavaliers. This is why Ray Allen didn't leave Seattle, Michael Redd didn't leave the Bucks and Tim Duncan is still a Spur. The only way LeBron gets that contract with another team is if the Cavs agree to a sign-and-trade. Good luck with that.

G) I believe LeBron is more valuable in Cleveland (and Wade in Miami) than in New York. If the Knicks didn’t suck ass, the Garden would be rocking every night, and if they a starless contender (say, early 90s Cavs) then they’d still sell out road games (and draw good ratings) just cause they’re the Knicks and they are from NYC.

If the Cavs (or Heat) are decent/great but don’t have a star, they aren’t as marketable. Cleveland sells out a ton of road games, thanks to LeBron.

A decent/good Knicks team and a Cavs team with LeBron is more valuable to the NBA than a Knicks team with LeBron and a decimated Cavs franchise (and a pissed off fan base).

22. I'm also pretty sure Vecsey made this up.

23. Are you aware that the Cavs have lost their last two preseason games by a total of 3 points. To Atlanta and Toronto respectively. I know it's only preseason, but that isn't exactly inspiring.

24. Zydrunas Ilgauskas tweaked his knee in the Toronto loss. Dumb Cavs fans rejoice. Maybe now they can become a running team!!

25. Even more proof that Charely Rosen is dumb.

26. Liberal spoof of the Mac-PC ads. More (non-politcal) spoofs here.

27. headline: Ohio State drops to 0-1 against elevators.

28. I never said that. Yeah, he never said that.

29. I've been asking this for a few weeks now, "doesn't Kenny Rogers know he sucks ass?" Well, it turns out maybe he did know. He might have some reasons for having that 'dirt' on his hand. It looks kinda poopey. Whatever it was, it overshadowed his good game 2. (My thoughts? I didn't see the game, I was finishing up the first season of The Wire. Fucking brilliant)

30. I've on a Radiohead kick lately, so I didn't really listen to anything new this past week. Well, kinda, I picked up the new Jerry Lee Lewis from the library, and while I haven't listened to all of it yet, it's pretty good. Also, check out Zombtorrents. I found some cool live stuff and some sweet bootlegs.

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