Friday, October 13, 2006

Trading Randy Moss

There's been some talk that Randy Moss might get traded. Well, broke it down and said one of the suitors is... Cleveland?
Cleveland -- The Browns make the list only because their offense continues to flounder and they have a desperate need for a big-play weapon that coordinator Maurice Carthon can build around. Cleveland, however, rates a long shot, at best.
Um? How can I say this... NO. Please God no! Look, it's not that I would object to having Randy Moss on my team- I don't. I think Moss's reputation as a malcontent is over blown. Sure he gets into trouble here and there, but he doesn't publically call out his QBs or coaches. He may be too honest at times and not as PR savy as he should be, but he's not a team killer.

But here's the thing, Randy Moss doesn't play offensive line. A trade like this would be like upgrading the stereo system on a car with no brakes. Sure, that stereo is nice and those speakers sure do draw attention, but if the car can't stop it doesn't matter.

Look, I'd love a trio of Moss, Edwards and Winslow as much as anybody, but please. Don't get me wrong, the Browns have a lot of positions that need to be upgraded, but wide reciever is way down on that list.

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Erik said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow supposed to be said big-play weapons? What Browns team is SI watching?

I was under the impression that the Browns' offense sucked because Carthon is a horrible playcaller and the offensive line is old and slow. I didn't think it was because Carthon needed more weapons. But what do I know, I just follow the team every week. SI sits on their New York throne and issues edicts based on what they see in their mighty binoculars.

Heaven forbid they do any actual research on the teams here in flyover country.