Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another James/Big Market Blurb

This time from the Daily Quickie:
Cavs land new PF: Not able to outbid with cash, Cleveland lured Donyell Marshall with a 4-year deal, longer than anyone else would offer.

So in three years, he'll look great teamed with Larry Hughes when LeBron is playing in New York or L.A. (But a solid move for '05-06.
He starts out he quickie saying how New York is going to be in rebuilding mode and Larry Brown shouldn't go there. Then he says James could end up in New York or LA.

I hate this speculation! For the last time, what big market team would James be a good fit for? The Knicks? The Lakers and Kobe? The Clippers and their aversion to winning? The Nets and Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson? If you actually put thought into James leaving for a big market, it doesn't add up. The Cavs should be better than all of those teams and James does a ton of stuff for his hometown of Akron (like his basketball tourney and his bike-a-thon).

Could he leave? Yea. But with these signings and the return of Luke Jackson, the Cavs should have a VERY nice team for the next few years. It's not a done deal of James leaving, if the Cavs are good enough, he'd have a hard time not staying.

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