Friday, July 15, 2005

Dan Le Batard

Wow. What great commentary! "If James decides to stay, the moves are brilliant, if he opts for a bigger marktet, they're a disaster."

Gee, thanks Dan. The Cavs offered all they could for Allen and Redd. They couldn't offer more money, end of story. Kind of like why Manny and Thome left the Tribe: $$$.

Would Allen or Redd help James out on offense? Hell yes! Did they both leave something to be desired on defense? Yes.

I agree Hughes may not be the perfect fit and they may have overpaid Z. But what moves should they have made? They couldn't get Allen or Redd, they just couldn't. It looks like the Suns will match whatever contract someone offers Joe Johnson. The Bucks WAY overpaid for Bobby Simmons. So what is this magic deal the Cavs should've done? What center should they replaced Z with? Where is this guy?

This reminds me a lot of the whole "James will leave for a big market" stories. Where is this big market he's heading to? LA with Kobe? The Knicks with a crappy team and 67 shooting guards under contract? The Heat with Wade? Where is James heading?

This is the kind of reporting that pisses me off, you're right, the Cavs could've really screwed up or really done well. Good job. It's either positive or negative. Good insight.

Looks, the Cavs are doing all they can to build a winning team in Cleveland. That includes having James re-sign, and if he gels with Hughes? Good. My problem is there's no center out there that could've replaced Z adequetly and there's no magic shooting guard (who they are able to sign) that can solve their SG problems. So lay off Ferry, what moves shoud've he made?

The team will be much better next year, count on that. They have a few more needs to fill (a bench, another PG and maybe a PF), but it's look up for the Cavaliers.

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