Thursday, July 28, 2005

Summertime Songs

Billboard has a list of 'em.

Now I hate lists and most of the time they are just made to make conversation. Meh. But CNN manages to make a list where a remake (Shaggy) places higher than the origional (Mongo Jerry). Oiy.

Also, for future summer songs, I would check out the catalogue of a group named the Beach Boys. They might have some songs that could fit the criteria.

[Edit: alright, it looks like they are rated on how much airplay they got, so it's not one guys dumb list. But if it was, my coments stand]

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Sepe said...

Not to mention Cruel Summer by Ace of Base made the top ten, when Bananarama's version didn't, and the Bananarama version was in the Karate Kid.