Thursday, July 28, 2005

Trade Millwood

I agree with Bud Shaw, trading Millwood would be a good move. Hell, I'd throw Bob Wickman into this discussion too.

If the Tribe makes the playoffs, it won't be by much. Plus once they get there, they'll be killed by the Sox/Yanks or Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California USA Earth. Maybe I don't believe or I don't have enough heart. Whatever, but I don't see the Tribe making a big run this year. Yea, they're close in the Wild Card hunt, but I just don't see them hitting enough.

So trade Millwood, he's not going to re-sign with the Tribe; they won't be able to afford him. Right now the biggest pitcher out there is AJ Burnett. I got no problems with Burnett, but Millwood has a lower ERA and is pitching in the tougher AL. He's pitched in big games for the Braves, so it's not like he's unproven.

My point is, right now it's a weak market, there's not a lot out there, I mean, former Indian Dany Baez is the hot closer to be had. I think Millwood and Wickman could fetch the Tribe a lot of talent. Giving up one or both of those guys for a 1B or OF with power wouldn't exactly be a bad idea.

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