Friday, July 08, 2005

Cavs reach deal with Hughes

Not sure how I feel about this.

5 year deal at 12 million per year.

Still, I would've prefered if they at least made Phoenix match an offer to Joe Johnson. I mean, at least max out Johnson and make the Suns think about it. And I actually would've rather had Bobby Simmons to Hughes because of Simmons 3 point shooting. I just have a nagging feeling that with Z and LeBron, Hughes isn't a good fit.

Now if they do a sign and trade to Denver for Andre Miller and Nene for Z.... I'll see...

And I hear that LeBron wants Eddie Curry, so if the Cavs replace Z with a more athletic big man, then hughes might be a good fit.

Also, take a look at Vlad Radmonovic from the Sonics, with McMillan gone, they might be able to grab him. Because you need a 3 point shooter. Also, offer a contract to Kyle Korver, make the Sixers match that too.

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