Sunday, July 03, 2005


Cavs are waiting on Z and Redd.

Looks like the Cavs offered Z a 3 year 30 million deal, which is pretty fair. The article says that the Cavs will probably add a fourth year if Z meets certain contract requirments.

Redd is going to be visiting Cleveland in a few days, both the Cavs and Bucks offered Redd the maximum they could, so it's all gonna be on the Cavs selling James.

Pluto's Sunday column is good yet again, and he's got more Cavalier advice:
• ``Your problem isn't your center -- it's your guards. They don't score,
and except for Eric Snow, they don't defend.''
• ``Drew Gooden is not the answer at power forward. You need to get a shot blocker/rebounder next to
Zydrunas Ilgauskas, or really develop Anderson Varejao. Trade Gooden, or at
least bring him off the bench where he can score against backups.''
• ``You know you need a shooting guard.''
• ``You need a clear system of how to defend the pick-and-roll and other basic
principles, and you can do that without exposing Ilgauskas all the time -- which
happened last season.''
• ``Coach Mike Brown has told you that he'd rather deal with a few non-defenders who can score rather than some non-shooters -- because he believes he can develop some team defense where players help each other. That's another reason to keep Z. As Brown said, it's very hard to teach a non-shooter to shoot.''
• ``You need Z and another scorer to change the late-season mentality of LeBron James, who lost confidence in his teammates. Z had the broken finger. No one else could make a shot. LeBron shot too much, and passing remains the heart of his game. Watch the ball move if you have Z and Michael Redd or someone else at shooting guard.''

Agreed, Gooden isn't good enough to be starting and the guards last ear didn't recieve nearly enough grief for their terrible defense. The poor backcourt defense really hurt Z, because he had to step up to challenge the shots of the penatrating guards, getting himself in foul trouble (or his guy getting a dunk, cause lord knows Gooden can't rotate).

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