Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wedding Crashers

Just got back from Wedding Crashers and I give it a solid A-.

A-minus? Though the movie was hilarious and quite good, the fact that it went on just a tad too long brings the grade down a bit. But overall it was awesome, fuckin hilarious. Also, I could've used more of Christopher Walken's family, they were all nuts and needed more screen time (espeically Jane Seymour and Walken himself)

Owen Wilson is the lead in this movie, but Vince Vaughn is the star. Vaughn hits this one right out of the park. His lines from Wedding Crashers will be quoted like Ferrell in Anchorman or Stiller in Dodgeball, they're that classic.

has been made recently of the Frat Pack comedies (movies with the Wilson Bros, Ferrell, Stiller, Vaughn and Jack Black). USAToday has an outdated chart of who has been in each movie (Vaughn was in the Suburbans, Luke Wilson in Anchorman and Ferrell in Wedding Crashers).

As for all of the Frat Pack Comedies, I would rank Wedding Crashers behind Old School and Anchorman and slightly ahead of Dodgeball, with Staskey and Hutch bring up the rear.

Vaughn and Wilson are also signed up for a movie called Outsourced where they play two factory workers whos jobs get outsourced to Mexico. So they move to Mexico to keep them. And Luke Wilson is making a movie (mentioned in the USAToday link) called The Wendell Baker Story and has his brother Owen and Ferrell.

Oh, there's also a rumor about Old School 2, where they go to Daytona Beach for Spring Break. But like I said, a rumor....

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