Thursday, July 28, 2005

Let it Snow

Bud Shaw is on a roll. I totally agreed with his take on Millwood and I'm now behind him with his Eric Snow column.

Eric Snow is already making starter's money. It's not the worst thing for the Cavaliers to see if he can earn it before they overspend even more on the point guard position.

Snow's offensive limitations won't be as blatant playing alongside Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall as they were when the perimeter scoring options were Ira Newble or Lucious Harris or Jiri Welsch. Harris and Welsch, alleged shooters, were the NBA's top two "before" ads for laser surgery.

With Snow and Ira Newble starting, opposing teams could double and triple LeBron at will. They knew they could leave those two guys open (which they did, a lot) with no worries. Now with Larry Hughes on the roster, defenses have to play more honest and Snow won't ahve the pressure on him to score like he did last year.

Plus, and I have no basis for this, I think Snow's offensive game struggled last year due to coming off the bench. He spent years in Philly starting on some good teams and all of the sudden he was backing up Jeff McInnis. That couldn't have been an easy transition.

I do the Cavs should sign a young point guard. A guard who can come in and push the ball with James, Hughes and Gooden when Z and Snow sit. Former Cav Brevin Knight is a posibility, but he's not much of a shooter. Personally, I'd like the Cavs to go after Dan Dickau to back up Snow. Or they could use one of the guys on the summer league roster.

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