Thursday, July 28, 2005

One Fingered Salute

Now, if I talked about how my favorite philospher is Chris, how born again I am and I held the most powerful job in the world... I probably wouldn't do this.

This isn't the old video of Bush flicking off the camera, it a new one.

(come on over, I got a fishing tape! No, a new one!)

This is what kills me about the whole 'moral values' crowd... Cheney can tell a guy to fuck off on the senate floor and Bush can get caught flicking off the media... silence.

Could you imagine the outrage if Al Gore told a republican senator to fuck off? "Those Democrats have no vaules! First Clinton cheats on his wife (not that I'm defending Clinton, but he shouldn't have been impeached over it) and now Gore is swearing on the senate floor? Scandalas!"

But having a gay escort using a fake name in the White House press corp is okay. And wearing purple heart bandaids during the RNC is okay. And leaking the name a CIA officer (for purely political purposes) is okay. Dur.

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