Friday, July 15, 2005

Mark Cuban on the Good Ole Days

Great post by the Mavs owner.

This really reminded me of a conversation I had recently with some friends on 'how shitty things are now' compared to the 1950s. All the objectifying women in music videos and violence against women that goes on nowadays. Things have really gone down the tubes.

But 50s 'era' wasn't real, to me it's like the Matrix, a fake world. The 50s look good on TV with the cookie cutter houses and nice cars and rock and roll was innocent (aka hippie-less). There was no sex on TV and no violent and sexist music videos. Father knew best, everyone had white picket fences and little Johnny had a paper route. So it was a better time, right?

But there was segregation and out right racism every day. The real talents of Rock and Roll (aka black people) didn't get their due respect (publically). Husbands could legally rape their wives and rapes weren't reported as much. Lynchings, while not exactly common place, weren't exactly out of the ordinary either. Women didn't have the same oportunities on campus or in the work force. 50s idealism is easy, you don't have to deal with race or feminism (or dear god homosexuality) and you just live in a dream world with out any tough choices or thoughts.

So I'm with Cuban, the good old days weren't all that good and in 20 years we'll all be pining for the good old turn of the century days.

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