Thursday, July 28, 2005

More Millwood

Tom Reed of the ABJ disagrees with all the Millwood trade talk:

There has been so much national interest in the trade value of Kevin Millwood that NASDAQ should assign him a stock symbol.

KMWD is a hot commodity, and there's little doubt Indians general manager Mark Shapiro could secure a few prospects by dealing the free-agent pitcher before Sunday's trade deadline.

But after three painful seasons of rebuilding, do the Indians want to remain in the futures market?

I see his point and if the Tribe would trade Millwood for long term prospects, I'd totally agree. But if the Indians could get a power OF or 1B prospect, I say do it. It would mean that signing Millwood could leave a long term mark on the franchise (instead of only one good season). If the Tribe can get a good upper level prospect, I think you have to make the move.

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