Saturday, July 30, 2005

Manny Trade

The Red Sox are in the middle of shopping Manny Ramirez around, the big deal they had with the Mets appears dead.

This was one of the worst deals I've seen since the Native Americans gave up Manhattan for bobbles and beads. The Sox would get Mike Cameron (who sucks), Aubrey Huff (who doesn't) and a relief pitcher who I know nothing about. The Mets would've got Manny, Danys Baez and Julio Lugo. And the Devil Rays (who are in this deal soley to piss of Lou Pinella) would get four prospects.

I love how Red Sox fans boo Manny and complain about how weird he is. NO SHIT. Geez, this is the kid who got picked off of first base in the World Series (by the CATCHER). With Manny it's a give and take. He gives you a .300+ average, 40+ HR and 428495741895734 or so RBIs. He takes the millions of dollars you gave him and you take all of his bullshit. For God sakes, he was the World Series MVP last year! You're going to trade him and not get an all-star in return? Good job.

Now if the Red Sox have a second deal waiting in the wings, then it's a good move. Like if they use the money they were paying Manny to go after another big name; that'd be a good move. But as it stands now: dumb deal.

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