Friday, July 22, 2005

John Roberts

I'm gonna tell ya now, this post could offend some people. Read at your own risk.

The Rude Pundit has a nice little blurb about the Bush's Supreme Court nominee John Roberts:
Look at the article - it's like the e-Harmony profile from hell: devout Catholic from a Bethlehem Steel plant manager father, uber-geek in elementary and high school, "scrappy" football player, part of the Gipper's administration, super-duper lawyer guy, and so, so much more.

Then he talks about Ann "Batshit Crazy" Coulter's article:
(Oh, and perk up, lefties. Ann Coulter's on our side on this one. 'Course, in her own cuntish, monkeyfuck insane way. See, Coulter thinks Roberts is gonna turn out to be a liberal, that he's kinda wimpy. Ann likes her men rough, the kind of conservatives that would beat her, fuck her in the ass, wipe their dicks with her hair, piss on her, and tell her it's better than she deserves. Real men, you know.)

I mean, if 'monkeyfuck insane' doesn't make you laugh, well... I'm baffled.

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