Monday, July 11, 2005

Fantastic Four

I give the movie a solid B. Could it have been better? Of course. Could it have been worse? You bet. But I was never bored, I was into the picture the entire time and I enjoyed it.

What movies get critically panned and what movies get critically praised has become really interesting to me. Over at Rotten Tomatoes, Fantastic Four got a 26% Fresh Rating (meaning 26% of all reviews of FF are positive.) The Spiderman movies got a 89% and 93% rating, respectivelly.

To me, the Spiderman movies are a little bit better than FF, but not by too much. I didn't love the Spiderman movies like everyone else did, they were good, but nothing special, to me at least. Fantastic Four was the same way. Could some lines have been better? Yea, but name me a superhero movie without some cheesy lines.

But roam around the Ain't it Cool News website and read the Fantastic Four reviews, it's basically the worst movie made by humans. The Thing was supposed to look terrible, he should've been all computeres, like the Hulk. But I thought it looked great, I get taken out of the element when a character is too computery. The Thing could interact with the rest of the actors and I think it payed off.

So count me in the minority that says Fantastic Four wasn't a waste of money. Both the Spiderman movies and the X-Men movies were better, as was Batman Begins (X-Men and Batman Begins are the cream of the recent comic book movie crop IMO), but it was better than Daredevil, I can tell you that.

But the fact that Daredevil got a 46% Fresh Rating boggles my mind. I haven't seen the Hulk, but that got a 60%.

I don't get it. While I was home this past week I saw the Day After Tomorrow on DVD and I enjoyed it. It got ripped on (45%) and it was a bust. But I liked it, I would and do recomend it. I did have problems with it, but all in all it was pretty good. I saw War of the Worlds, which is basically the same movie, but instead of global warming changing human life forever it's aliens. I liked it a little better than Day After Tomorrow, but not by much, I still had some problems with it. But War of the Worlds got fantastic reviews (73%), and while I agree it's a better movie, it's not by too much.

Both movies had problems, but one got great reviews, is it just a Tom Cruise Factor? Spielberg factor?

But what do I know, I could could just have shitty taste in movies. Or I could've had lower expectations for The Day After Tomorrow and Fantastic Four and too high for Spiderman and War of the Worlds.

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