Thursday, July 21, 2005

Trading Gooden

The PD has an article on Drew Gooden being on the trade block.

Ferry says no go, but I would be surprised if Drew started the season in Cleveland (and even more suprrised if he ended it). There is a rumor that the Cavs have been talking to Dallas about Gooden. Dallas has two point guards in Jason Terry and Devin Harris and if I had to chose, I'd choose Harris. He's younger than Terry, and the Cavs don't need another scorer (like Terry). I a young guy would fit nicely.

Also, the CBA deal is being delayed a few days (free agents were supposed to be able to sign with their new teams on Friday, it looks to be postponed). An offshoot of this is that the salary cap may not be $49 million like everyone expected, it could be around $52 million. That means the Cavs could have some more money to play around with, and the thinking goes, if they have more money, they sign Marko Jaric and if they have less they sign Sarunas Jasikevicius. We shall see.

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